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Respectful Relationships

We teach The Respectful Relationships program to promote and model respect, positive attitudes, and behaviours. It teaches our children how to build healthy relationships, resilience, and confidence.  

respectful relationships lilydale primary school

The Learning Pit

Advanced leaning lilydale primary school

Lilydale Primary School teaches students that The Learning Pit is a good place to be. The Learning Pit refers to the idea that when you learn a new concept or skill, you experience a feeling of being stuck, a hard struggle, almost like there is a wall to climb over in order to begin to understand something. 

This graphic shows students exactly how learning takes place in that it should be something that you have to work hard to do. This idea and the language behind this will be shared with students so they can understand the journey to learning.


Each classroom displays this graphic and we will use the same language consistently across the school. We have copies of this Graphic available in the office for you to use at home when you are talking to your child about their learning. It will help you get an understanding of where you child is on their learning of a particular concept. Please feel free to grab one when you visit the office.


At Lilydale PS we believe that wellbeing is important for everyone in our school community. We have a Chaplaincy program, and Michael Hancock has been our Chaplain since 2020. Michael plays an integral role in helping to meet the needs of our community. Michael is available to support students, families, and staff, to help with issues such as friendship, family conflict, anger, anxiety and self-esteem. The Chaplaincy program is well-appreciated by our school community.


Our Chaplain provides a safe place for anyone to come and talk about their concerns. He provides a caring, supportive presence within the school. As well as individual support, he helps develop and participates in programs designed to meet student’s wellbeing needs. 

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