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School History

Lilydale Primary School - Over 150  Years
The History of Lilydale Primary School - One of Victoria's Oldest Public Schools

Lilydale opened as a common school in 1866. The school building was located on Lot 6 Anderson Street. In 1872 a number of small schools in the Lilydale area were joined together to become Lilydale State School Number 876. The school became a state school in 1873. A new brick building was opened on a new site. The first school fence, ‘built to keep out wandering cattle, was totally consumed as fuel for classroom fires during bleak winters'. The main building was built in 1876. The number of students enrolled in 1888 was a strong 169.  A  second storey was added in 1927 and a new wing added in time for the 1966 centenary. 


Fire destroyed the annex in 1980 and the wing that was added was destroyed by fire in 1991.

The new section of the building was opened in 1995. In 2011 the new Grade 5/6 BER building

was opened.

In 2016 we celebrated our 150th Anniversary when former students, staff and parents returned

to the school to celebrate Lilydale Primary School’s contribution to the education of the students in the area.


Our School is an example of combining the old and the new. This has led to us developing our School motto,
Pride in our Past and Educating for the Future. Our buildings and facilities are excellent and provide a very pleasant environment for students and staff.

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