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Special Person / Art Show / Choir Day

It was great to see so many special people making the trip to school for the choir performance and Art Show. Both events adding to my feeling that it was a day that went well for me and the community of Lilydale Primary School. The choir's performance was fantastic and a real treat for those that were present. Congratulations to those boys and girls and their mentor Angela. The Art Show that followed was amazing for our young people, our special people and our parents. To be able to see work displayed for every student, several pieces for most students was a real treat for our students. The joy of finding where Ms. Kennedy had displayed their work and the excitement that each child had as they explained what they had created was wonderful to witness. I would like to congratulate Ms. Kennedy and her support team for producing a great show. I also like to thank those parents that stepped in and made the moment special for those children that did not have someone available in the afternoon at school. It was noticed and appreciated.