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"Celebrate Mooroolbark" Writing Success!

Congratulations to Steph B for her winning entry in the Celebrate Mooroolbark festival. Her piece about Mrs Matthews is included inside for you to read and is a touching tribute to a valued member of staff.

Below is the finished piece

The Magnificent Michelle

If you live in Lilydale you can’t miss Michelle!

Michelle Matthews (Mrs. Matthews) is the most inspiring person I know.

She is a teacher at my school and does so much to help lots of different people.

She helps kids learn all about Chess and Judo and gives up her lunchtimes to teach them all that she knows. A lot of these kids have gone on to win awards and competitions. As well as that she has organised lots of stuff inside and outside of school, including many sports programs and events.

She has worked at Lilydale Primary School for 37 years and is still going! She has taught more than 750 children and some generations of the same family.

Every day Mrs. Matthews gets up at 6am to go to the gym and either swim, ride a bike or complete a class. She is in love with sport and now over 60, is still very fit! She plays softball in her spare time. She also volunteered as an official at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Mrs. Matthews has been a senior coach of Hawthorn Judo Club for 46 years.

She has been involved in Judo for over 55 years. As well as working at the Hawthorn Judo Club she works at the Lilydale Judo Club. She is always determined in her work and some of her achievements so far have been,

* State Coach for 4 years

* State Champion for 13 years

* Represented Australia for 4 years and passed her 6th Dan and was the first Victorian Female to achieve this standard.

* She is a Master Judoka and won 36 gold medals, 7 silver medal and 2 bronze medals in Shiai another gold medal, 10 silver and last but not least 6 bronze in Kata

At the Judo Victoria competitions, Mrs. Matthews referees the matches and has been doing this for 19 years. She is a keen Kata competitor and is part of the Judo Victoria Kata commission as well as the Oceania Kata Commission and sits on the board of Judo Victoria.

She is dedicated to her family and spends lots of time with her parents, children and grandchildren.

Michelle is an avid collector of all things from your average stamps and coins to the good old Coles collectables. She’s always ready for a swap to finish off her latest collection. She even collects pull tabs off cans to help raise money for a local boy with cerebral palsy.

She really is the most inspiring person out there and has inspired me to always try my best and to never give up.

Michelle’s Quote...

”Sportsmanship for me is when a Judoka walks off the mat and you can’t tell whether they won or lost by the way they carry themself with pride, either way.”